Our real estates in Saarland



* In Saarbrücken Eschberg there are over 60 modern furnished apparments (1-room-kitchen-bathroom) and 10 unfurnished 2-rooms-kitchen-bathroom-flats 

* In Saarbrücken Alt, next to the beautiful Ludwigschurch and the castle of Saarbrücken you can rent quiet and unfurnished flats


Saarbrücken - Dudweiler  

*Our real estates are ideal for international students - cheap, completly equipped and furnished rooms with shared bathrooms, direct bus line to the University of Saarland and the city of Saarbrücken

*Our new appartements in different real estates in the center of Dudweiler are bigger, higher quality interior and perfect located for students and workers at the University of Saarbruecken


Neunkirchen - Wiebelskirchen

Here there are furnished appartements and larger flats available


St. Wendel - Urweiler

In an old restored farmhouse are several nice flats, furnished apparments as well as two maisonette flats