First mention of our family was confirmed in the year 1585. The first real estate Baum/Quint was build in 1815 and is the headquarter of our offices until today. Over three generations Quint Immobilien is developed from the Quint GmbH, which was a television company more than 20 years in Saarland, to an successful real estate management firm. The own real estates and the shares of an owner company are be supervised by us directly and personally.


Now in the fourth generation we stay loyal to this tradition an offer especially to international students, guest workers, craftsmen and field manager nice, modern furnished appartements in the surroundings of Saarbrücken, Neunkirchen and St. Wendel.


"We do strongly care about that our tenants feel comfortable in their own four walls. They come from all around the world with differnt worldviews, cultures and religions. Finding the right communication requires sensitivity and open mindness. To fulfill this task competently and reliably is our ultimate goal. And always a challenge", says Eva Quint, who has taken over the administration since 2015.